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LipBulbs, LLC

David's business coaching has been instrumental in our daughter's cosmetic business success. Investing in ourselves and our children is crucial, and David serves as an excellent accountability partner for continuous learning and growth.

Monique White, CEO

David's business coaching, led by David, has been invaluable in pushing me out of my comfort zone as an introverted online entrepreneur. It has encouraged me to connect with new people and explore fresh opportunities in my business, benefiting not only introverts but extroverts as well.

Dawn Wells, CEO, MFP-C

Hiring David as a business coach offers the advantage of receiving unbiased constructive criticism and gaining insights tailored to your unique needs and desires. His extensive cross-industry experience allows him to provide valuable perspectives that others in your circle may not have.

Unleash Your Business Brilliance.

Know Better. Do Better. Be Better in Business

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